This is the list of SOMMIER agricultural machines that allow to DRY within an agricultural or agro-food production chain. #dry

Axial Generators

Axial Generators From 6000 to 90000 m3/h, axipal dryers are mainly intended for false bottom dryers with a nut height of 1 m, they can

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Centrifugal Generators

Centrifugal Generators Ideal for drying towers, these generators, which are quieter than axial generators, allow a sufficiently high pressure to pass through several meters of

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Delimbing conveyor

Delimbing conveyor Technical characteristics: • Modular food belt• Stainless steel structure• Adjustable ventilation via dimmer• Speed of conveyor beltAdjustable by dimmer ACTION TRIM Download the

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Draining conveyor

Draining conveyor Designed to recover waste by allowing water to pass through, this type of conveyor is positionedat the end of a waste conveyor to

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Drying tower

Drying towers optimize the drying cost by using hot air not completely loaded with moisture to dry

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