This is the list of SOMMIER agricultural machines that allow to SEPARATE within an agricultural or agro-food production chain. #separate

1 grid sizer

1 grid sizer Driven by central motor. Upper roller of grading. Calibration diameter on request. Possibility to adapt adjustable feet. DESCRIPTIVE: Entrance height: 74.5cm Output

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Chestnut bugger

Dimensions: Width: 1 m to 1.5 m Length: 1.24 m Height: 1.64 m Précédent Suivant Étiquettes [#tags] (cliquez) amandes, écraser, noisettes, noix

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Chestnut dipping tank

Separation of chestnuts from floating waste (wood, leaves, floating chestnuts) Discharge of waste on the side of the bin by overflow (right or left exit)

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Cracker Large flow cracking for walnuts, hazelnuts, almonds Flow rate 300 kg/h (nuts) External dimensions: 1.05m x 0.65m Loading height: 1.68m Exit height under cracker:

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Drying tower

Drying towers optimize the drying cost by using hot air not completely loaded with moisture to dry

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